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    Hand Drawn Digital Illustration

” Masquerade Gold ” fashion illustration is set in a golden french themed interior setting as Madame Masquerade enjoys every moment drinking her Champagne.

She wears only the most stunning fur evening gown, gracefully holding her lace and velvet mask, whilst Mr Whiskey is awestruck by her beauty.

There’s always something so mysterious about a black tie masquerade soirée.

“God, you’re good as this, girl. I find your work more entertaining than Downton’s. I went to school for fashion design and illustration in NY, so my eye is trained for picking out talent. ” @lesley_koenig_fine_art

Impressive 💫👌💛🌟 Love the series 💕 @katechandesign

I don’t know anything about art but through my eyes your work is exquisite. @gerber.adriaan

You are so talented!!! Love all your photos 💕

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